NYRR Millrose Games

2020 NYRR Millrose Games Tickets

Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Limited seats may be available for purchase in person at the Armory Box Office. The box office will be open during the event starting at 10:30 AM.

Time Limit:

Once seats are selected for you, you will have 8 minutes to complete the order and payment process before the selected seats are released.

NYRR Members:

NYRR members wishing to buy discounted tickets in NYRR member area of section 464 should call (212) 923-1803 x7200 to place your order (please be prepared to share your NYRR Member Number to verify membership).

Student Tickets:

$22 Standing Room Only and $30-$35 Student Tickets will be available beginning on January 10th to coincide with the NYRR Millrose Trials.

Group Sales:

There is a 15 ticket limit for online sales. If the automated system can't find large groups of seats together or for group sales of more than 15 tickets please call (212) 923-1803 x7200

$750 Armory Foundation Benefit (Section 301): Prime location seats that offer great views of the finish line, plus an area to meet top athletes after their performances. Your ticket purchase will help fund successful and vital youth programs at the Armory Foundation. For more information, visit our BENEFIT page or call (212) 923-1803 x7200

The Inside Track: Seating Tips

  • Always close to the action
    • The sections along the straight-aways are only four rows deep - and along the banks its nine rows - so you're never far from the action.
  • Hall of Fame Seats (Section 300): $295
    • The Hall of Fame seating allows the spectator to see the runners navigate the banked turn up close and personal while also offering great views of the finish line. The Hall of Fame seating is the place to watch the artistry of the high jump.
    • Hall of Fame tickets include 4-hour track side reception featuring beer, wine and soft drinks along with light snacks
    • Only a few feet from the banked turn, these eight rows of track-level seating are being brought in just for the NYRR Millrose Games
  • Homestretch Tailgate Benefit: $185
    • The Homestretch Tailgate Benefit offers grab & go beer, wine and comfort foods, while viewing your favorite athletes, track side, on the last, most important turn of the races. As the runners head to the finish line, raise your glass, cheer them on and show your support. See the action up close, witness history in the making, be a part of the memories.
    • The Homestretch Tailgate Benefit ticket includes a 4-hour track side reception featuring cold beers, specialty wines and a fantastic array of light fare to pick from while you take part in the days' activities.
    • Be confident that your ticket purchase will help fund the Armory Foundation and our Armory College Prep program, the successful and vital youth educational program serving students in grades 6-12. To really immerse yourself in the feeling of this section, please note that we have designated this section as a standing location only and seats are not provided. The best way to show your support is to stand up and show your excitement!
  • Sections for Specific Events
    • Pole vault: Sections 444, 445, 443 and 442
    • High Jump: Track Level Seats and Sections 406, 405, 455 and 456
    • Sprint Finish: Sections 442, 441, 419, 418 and 443
  • Sections 401-412
    • The finish line! Spectators in these seats will have a birds-eye view of spectacular finishes that the NYRR Millrose Games has been providing for more than 100 years.
  • Sections 434-450
    • The backstretch is frequently the best place to see a race develop as runners position for the final 100m charge. Many a race is won — or lost — here. And it is also the place to watch pole vault's high fliers give gravity a lesson.
  • Sections 413-427
    • This can be a great place to get an indication of what will unfold. As the runners come off the turn, their faces and body language can indicate if they will be able to hold on... or mount a successful charge from behind.
  • Sections 451-460
    • As the bell lap sounds, this will be where many opt to make their move. As they round the turn and slingshot down the backstretch, you will often see the separation between the contenders and the pretenders.
  • Sections 428-429
    • These seats will allow the spectators to catch the entire final turn, where they will see the strain on the face as the runners enter and predict who has enough to cross the line first.
  • Sections 430-436
    • These seats are located behind the throwing cage and views are limited due to the cage fence.